Week 10

Is UBC a leader in sustainability compared to other universities?

Week 10 Results

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Week 10 Comments

Comment 1
Not enough affordable housing near campus means that staff, faculty, and students may be using large quantities of fuel to travel to and from work/studies per day.

Comment 2
Not only is our campus and community environmentally conscious but very socially conscious as well taking a more holistic view of sustainability. A good indicator is the prevalence of Fair Trade coffee on campus via Food Services and AMS businesses.

Comment 3
We are already a leaders in operational sustainability and there is a great deal happening in the academic programs, but to date there is little certification or formal emphasis on sustainability available for students at the undergrad or graduate levels.

Comment 4
Lots of talk and no action- rather the action is used to present ridiculous choices (ex: moving the farm) which make the paltry alternatives seem like a good idea, but are not actually in the best interest of the University or the wider community. Too much focus and resources are going towards unsustainable development on campus, and UBC is developing a reputation as a “joke” leader in sustainability (ex: Community Planning program at McGill uses the present development at UBC as an example of what not to for community and campus planning)

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