To: The UBC Community

I am pleased to provide you with a preview of Place and Promise: The UBC Plan. Come November, Place and Promise will be a living document on the website linking together all components of the plan. Those components include:

1. a high level piece – the vision, values, commitments, goals, and actions, setting the general direction for the University;
2. a midlevel strategic plan for each commitment; and
3. goals and actions for each faculty/unit/department.

This plan will be continuously updated as goals and action items are achieved. It will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it continues to reflect the values and commitments that our community has agreed are important; and to ensure that the goals remain current in our changing world.

Many of you have provided valuable input on various components of this plan over the past several years, particularly through the commitment level planning processes. These include, for example, the Focus on People plan, now entering its second year; the Aboriginal Strategic Plan, entering its implementation phase; the International Strategy, with its discussion paper out for comment; and the high level pieces of the overall strategic plan – the vision, values, and commitments. You will find many places where your voice is reflected here. And you will find that the values and commitments in this plan are ones many of us are already invested in. Many of the goals and actions are underway, and their direct links to the University’s budgeting process are being implemented. I hope that, in fulfilling this Plan, we will keep UBC firmly in position as one of the top universities in the world.

I invite any last comments on the high level component of the plan as it nears completion. The vision, values, and commitments already reflect several rounds of consultation; the goals and actions corresponding to these are now in place. Please send your comments by September 28, 2009 to Patricia Stevens ( or contact her at 604-822-0663.

Please also join me at the upcoming Town Hall (Sept 18th at the Vancouver Campus, and Sept 23rd at the Okanagan Campus) to ask me any additional questions you may have.

I am looking forward to an energetic year and to working with you to put Place and Promise into action.

Best wishes,

Stephen J. Toope
President and Vice-Chancellor

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Place and Promise: The UBC Plan

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