President’s Welcome


The President & Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to Shaping UBC’s Next Century — the strategic plan of the University of British Columbia (UBC), launched in 2018 as we embarked on our next century as a leading public university.

Building on the success of UBC’s previous strategic plan, Place and Promise, our new plan focuses on three themes that we believe are critical to society today: Inclusion, Collaboration and Innovation. This plan describes the strong connections between these themes and the core areas that define what we do as a public university: People and Places, Research Excellence, Transformative Learning, and Local and Global Engagement.

As you explore the plan, you will see that it outlines our ambitions through a series of 20 strategies.

Over the next two years, we will focus on advancing the following six strategies, which will guide how we plan on prioritizing our initiatives across both campuses: Indigenous Engagement, Great People, Thriving Communities, Research Support, Educational Renewal and Interdisciplinary Education. At the same time, we will still work to advance the plans’ other strategies.

As always, people are the cornerstone of UBC. I am proud of the way our community has come together to create the direction and spirit so evident in this plan, and I am proud of the progress we have made on implementing the plan so far. Shaping UBC’s Next Century has already begun to guide our decisions, actions and interactions, and will continue to do so into the future, and will create a framework for resource allocation across the university.

We want to instil the very best in our students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners, and we recognize the degree to which we continue to be influenced by the people and the communities with whom we work. This is our moment to harness the energies and strengths of an extraordinary institution to contribute to sustainable and positive change, both locally and globally. This is our moment to inspire.

Santa J. Ono
President and Vice-Chancellor