Outstanding Work Environment

The University provides a fulfilling environment in which to work, learn, and live, reflecting our values and encouraging the open exchange of ideas and opinions.

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.
Gautama Buddha

UBC’s workforce is 19,000 strong. That’s 19,000 unique worlds: individuals with their own families and friends, volunteer commitments, and myriad personal passions. Where they meet is at work, and together they have created not only a world-leading academic institution but also one of Canada’s best places to work.

Recognizing that an organization is its people, UBC strives first to retain the faculty and staff who have shaped its present success and then to attract those who can best help it uphold the commitments made in this plan.

UBC sustains an inclusive atmosphere of collegiality and respect by increasing its investment in the coordinated orientation of new recruits, development and recognition programs, health and well-being initiatives, and leader training and support.

Spectacular natural surroundings and visionary campus plans help make UBC an outstanding place to work, learn, and live. But at the heart of UBC’s world are its people.

Goal Be the place of choice for outstanding faculty and staff

Portfolio Action

Ensure processes and supports are in place to recruit first choice applicants for staff and faculty positions

  • Implement web-based faculty recruiting tools (e-recruit and workflow) (HR, VPA, DVC )
  • Implement an employer story communication plan that reflects our workplace experience (HR)
  • Create a staff recruitment strategy for UBC (HR)

Expand opportunities for professional and personal development and career progression at UBC

  • Provide web based self-service access for staff professional development funds (HR)
  • Develop and implement a career navigation framework for staff that provides tools and resources to encourage and facilitate exploration and movement (HR)
  • Establish process and opportunities to encourage job share, exchange and secondment at each campus, including increased opportunities to participate in the “Leave for Change” program (HR)

Expand faculty/staff relocation services to the Okanagan campus

  • Provide in-person support to supplement website information (HR)

Increase linkages between performance and academic priorities, administrative effectiveness and the budget framework

  • Expand planning culture to include workforce planning; develop tool to support departments and units to plan for their faculty and staff (HR)

Develop and implement effective communication vehicles for faculty and staff

  • Deliver the UBC mobile device application to enable staff and faculty to access information about UBC through their mobile devices (HR)
  • Expand use of social media to communicate with faculty and staff (HR)
  • Develop a Faculty and Staff Workplace portal with an initial focus on work-life, elder care and career navigation resources (HR)

Goal Be a healthy, safe, inspiring workplace that cultivates well-being, resilience, and commitment, and be responsive to the family needs of faculty and staff

Portfolio Action

Increase coordination of mid-level plans to provide a respectful, inclusive and collegial work environment

  • Ensure intercultural understanding strategy (in development) is mutually supportive of the Aboriginal and Equity and Diversity strategic plans, as well as Focus on People (HR, VPA, DVC)
  • Develop next version of Focus on People for launch in 2013 (HR)
  • Develop an organizational model to coordinate and facilitate conflict management by both formal and informal means (HR)
  • Create a position of Associate Provost, Faculty Life, reporting to the Vice Provost, Academic (Vancouver) (HR, VPA)

Diversify and expand healthy workplace initiatives, including enhancement of the importance of safety in workplace cultures

  • Increase faculty participation through targeted health programing (HR, VPA)
  • Develop more training and education vehicles for mental health awareness in coordination with the VP Students portfolio implementation of the Mental Health and Well-being strategy for students (HR, VPS)
  • Expand the Workplace Health Services Program to staff in administrative areas of the Vancouver campus, and to research areas on the Okanagan Campus (HR, DVC)
  • Support a community based event for faculty and staff in May of each year at the Vancouver campus (HR)

Ensure that academic and administrative heads and directors have the training, time and support they require to be effective

  • Expand meetings of Provost and Vice President Academic with academic heads at the Vancouver campus to 3 times per year (HR, VPA)
  • Complete first academic leadership program at the Okanagan campus, evaluate effectiveness and make revisions to prepare for second cohort (HR, DVC)
  • Support heads and directors to interpret the results of the Workplace Experiences Survey, and prepare action plans for their units

Continue to implement recommendations of the Task Force on Family Responsibilities

  • Complete and implement Statement on Family Responsibilities (HR)
  • Develop framework to support dual career hiring (HR)
  • Create a single source of web based resources to support staff and faculty with elder care responsibilities (HR)

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